Cafe Cure

"The Cafe at Studio 5"   CAFE CÚRE

Ú are what Ú eatůÚ are what Ú drink

To eat is to become beautiful and healthy




  • Healthy Gourmet KitchenHealthy gourmet food focusing on beauty and health
  • Asian fusion cuisine, low calorie, full taste, using highly purified water and very little oil
  • Sophisticated and simple, yet full of taste, with Japanese flavorings and Indonesian spice
  • Highly purified water with Bali’s most advanced water purification system, used not only for cooking but for all kitchen operations
  • Simple comfort food -- you will never get tired of it even though you eat it every day
  • Tempe steak, ideal for vegetarians – a favorite of European YOGI
  • Cúre salad lunch with Japanese dressings, for those tired of heavy lunch dishes
  • Diet power lunch—natural flavored Japanese style steak, grilled over firewood



  • Juice BarChoose from over 30 different therapy juices at our Therapy Juice Bar – visit us to see our incredible menu of therapy juices
  • Our therapy juice is more powerful than a blast of vitamin supplements
  • Super anti oxidant drink for anti aging
  • Remedy juice for flushing out toxins from your body
  • Try one of our juices custom-made to improve your skin tone, boost energy, reduce cellulite, boost your immune system, boost your diet etc.
  • Our talented juice therapists will blend vegetables and fruits adjusting to the needs of your body and mind
Cafe Cúre is the ultimate healthy food and drink bar.


Tuna & Apple Harmony
Yam Usen (Thai Salad)
Chicken Teriyaki
Fish Submarine
Therapy Juice/Red Vitamin & Detox Juice
Therapy Juice/Beta Carotene Tmmune Booster
Therapy Juice/Eye Care Juice
Therapy Juice/Sweet Charoit
Therapy Juice/Breakfast Juice


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